Welcome to Ray County 911 Dispatch

The Ray County E-911 Board serves as a dispatch for 17 agencies. The first 911 call was September 1997.

In April 2018, voters passed a 1% sales tax to be used for the funding of 911.

It is the recommendation of the Facility Needs Assessment to replace the existing Ray County 911 facility as soon as possible. The facility is past its useful life as a dispatch facility.

Click here for the building appraisal on the Ray County 911 facility at 102 West North Main Street.

Ray County 911 building

This is the letter that our meeting with the Ray County Commissioners is in reference to. The meeting with the Commissioners is going to be Friday March 10th at 9:30 am at the Ray County Courthouse.

When should I call 911?

  • To report a crime in progress.
  • To report a fire.
  • To save a life.
  • Anytime an emergency response is required by law enforcement, fire or emergency personnel.

You should call 911 anytime you believe there is an actual emergency If you are unsure, call 911 and the dispatcher will make the final determination.

Contacts for public safety answering points around the KC Metropolitan area.

Find out about a career as a telecommunicator in Ray County 911 dispatch center.

ZOOM Meetings

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911 Board Meeting

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