Priority Dispatch System

Ray County 911 serves residents with Priority Dispatch

With the Priority Dispatch System, emergency dispatchers will follow nationally recognized standards and research-based protocols to identify life-threatening situations and to safely prioritize calls for response. The protocols guide emergency dispatchers through a series of questions they ask callers in order to identify the problems so they can send the correct help.

Ray County 911 emergency

Emergency dispatchers will also use the questions to provide responders with accurate information so they can more effectively give care once they are on the scene. Additionally, with the Medical, Fire or Police responder, emergency dispatchers can provide lifesaving and safety instructions to callers and patients before responders arrive.

With Ray County 911’s implementation of this system, residents can have peace of mind that when they call their local emergency number for assistance, highly trained emergency dispatchers will properly handle their needs with timeliness and expert care.

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